About pages are always a little difficult for me. It’s hard to summarize myself in a page. It’s even more difficult to define a blog I haven’t written yet, but I’ll try anyway.

Life In Planning was created with my upcoming wedding in mind (May 2019). No, I didn’t want to create a wedding-planning site (everyone has done that), but I did want to create a guide to how I plan different things in my life, with the wedding included. This blog will range from how I planned a birthday party for my best friend to how I chose places on my travel itinerary to how I made a flower arrangement for my living room. I may even write a post on how decided to make all the light-bulbs in my apartment connected to an app on my phone. We’ll see.

I have never been one to broadcast my projects on Social Media sites, like Facebook or Instagram, because it feels out of place there, forcing my acquaintances to scroll through post after post of things that don’t really interest anyone but me and maybe my mother (thanks, Mom!). This is taking on that role instead. If anyone wants to learn about how I coordinated or made or decided on something, you can find it right here!

If you’re interested in learning more about my fiber art (I talk about it in a post or two), you can follow along on Instagram @lifeincrafting or shop on Etsy.

I also set up an Instagram account for this blog, in case you all want updates outside of your email @lifeinplanning.

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