I wrote a journal entry today that felt a little more like a blog post. I haven’t decided yet if I want to transcribe the whole thing on the internet for the world to read, but I figured the gist of the thought is a good enough start.




These are the words I feel describe the state of my life over the last, honestly, year.

I find myself making decisions all the time that contribute to these themes and don’t help me set myself up for success.

I save pins on Pinterest or take screenshots on Instagram of design elements I can use on a future house. What about the one I live in now?

I write down a flurry of ideas for potential business endeavors or things I should know “when I take my next role” at work. What about my current job?

I let my phone distract me with apps and games, and then I wonder “where did they day/week/month go?”

I don’t let myself throw a lot of stuff away “in case I’ll need it later on”.

I need to stop thinking of my stage in life as TEMPORARY, and instead consider that life itself is EVER-CHANGING.

I need to learn what my DISTRACTIONS are, and be more INTENTIONAL.

I need to stop letting my life get so CLUTTERED, and figure out how to make my surroundings and attention more FOCUSED.

Life is full of words you tell yourself. That’s why mantras help so many people. It’s time I started thinking about my current state and how I can change the way I see it.




I can do this.

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