Half-Completed Projects and Household Chores: All in a [Sun]day’s work

Not every week leaves time for a full-blown project, and to be honest, not every week do I have a creative streak, but I challenged myself to write through it, so here we go:

I worked pretty late every day this week (full time job and all), so I didn’t go out of my way to start anything new. I just made small improvements to projects already started.

During the week, I addressed and took half of my friend’s care packages (mentioned last week) to the post office. I decided to divvy up the boxes that way because I wanted to add some extra special stuff to the final three, and hadn’t been to the store yet to pick it up.

I also decided to turn my kitchen table into a desk. This is a significantly cheaper option than buying one, especially since I already had a monitor stored at home for my work computer. I only went so far as to put the monitor on the table and plug it in. Baby steps, but progress, nonetheless.

During the week, I also began organizing my bedroom clothes and knick knacks, something I haven’t done since moving into my apartment over a month ago. As you can imagine, this left my room in a bit of a mess (compared to the boxes of things still stored in a way that looked unfinished, but clean).

All of this combined with general wear and tear of the apartment left me feeling surrounded by unfinished mess, and that is really no way to live. This made me think long and hard about whether I really should travel this weekend for fun or if I should stay home and knock out some of these things that have been eating at me. I decided to go with the latter, thus began my Productivity Sunday.

(Why not Saturday, you ask? Well, I needed groceries and Beauty and the Beast came out this weekend, so I compromised with myself on fun vs priorities, and decided to make Saturday a day out of the apartment, after all.)

After letting myself sleep in a bit, I got up, refreshed, and ready to tackle the loose ends all around my apartment. I worked on general chores first, like sweeping, laundry, emptying trash cans, and putting dishes away (general boring chores). After all this was handled, I dove into my baby projects one at a time.

First, I put the extra special goodies in the care packages (nope, not revealing, as my hiking friend has access to the blog, and I like surprises too much!), addressed the boxes, and put them in my “post office” bag to get them out of my living room floor for once and for all. I’m excited for my friend to get them, and also excited to have the space back on my floor/table from packing them.

The next project was to finish unpacking all the “brown boxes” from moving. These are the ugly cardboard boxes I dread dealing with – both when unpacking and when dealing with the giant slats of cardboard. I spent a couple hours on unpacking the bedroom and finally tore down all the boxes. It was nice to see some open space again. I hung up all my remaining clothes, and put the “consignment pile” in a bag to remind myself to make a trip later this week, and maybe make some cash back there.

Another half-started project was finally going through all my memory cards from my camera – I put the camera bag on my coffee table last week, as a “to do”, and I was happy to put it back in the closet after uploading photos. This sounds like a simple project, but some of these photos go back a couple of years. I’m somewhere between ashamed that it took so long and proud I finally put all my memory cards in one place. I had to order a special adapter to upload photos directly to my iPhone, since my personal computer is something I regularly compare to a dinosaur.

I took some time to work on my make-shift kitchen table/desk. I wrapped the cords a bit more neatly, and I added a cute vase and candle to make it feel a bit more cheery. I also dug up my favorite wireless mouse for it. I haven’t decided yet if there’s more I can do to make it desk-like or if I want to it be easily versatile between a table and desk. TBD.

Keeping with the kitchen theme, I took some time to organize my pantry and cat food supplies. This didn’t take long, as I don’t usually cook for myself, but it made me feel a bit more cheery about knowing what I do have  in my cabinets and knowing it is now well organized.

The final piece to my finish-project day was working on decluttering the living room a bit more. I still had some stuff that I needed to go through and put in closets, and I took the time to do that. I went through wedding magazines and old “important” papers. I threw out what I n0-longer needed to hold onto or things I no-longer got inspiration from. It felt refreshing to have smaller piles of paper lying around. There are still more magazines to go through, but I feel like this was a huge step toward real progress.

I still have a few projects to work on (only so many hours in the day) that are more creative, and require a creative eye to complete. I have some picture frames I’d like to fill and some wall-space to cover. I haven’t decided yet on if I want to paint something or buy. I also have no idea how I want to arrange things. Maybe this can be a future project in the blog. We’ll see.

I know this post is relatively boring compared to the others I try to write, but this is real life. Everyone has their half-finished projects, and everyone has their Sunday chores. Thanks for reading about mine!

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